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What style of salsa do you teach?

We mostly teach cross body (sometimes called xbody or in linea) on1 salsa.

However, we also teach one off classes in other styles such as on2, cha cha and pachanga.

We don't currently teach cuban style salsa, bachata or kizomba at Salsajoy.

Do I need to have danced before I come to your classes?

We encourage everyone to give salsa a go - if you've never danced before, then our 4 week course should teach you everything you need for the basics and we recommend going to social nights as early as you can to start practising your lead / follow.

How do I prepare for the class / event?

It sounds silly but think about your hygiene! Salsa is a partner dance and you will get hot. You'll be relatively close to another person and have hand to hand (occasionally hand to shoulder or waist) contact.
Some people bring a change of t-shirt or a small flannel just in case.

Make sure to bring a water bottle (you'll be able to fill it at the venue if needed) as hydration is key.

What should I wear?

The most important rule is to be comfortable. Make sure you can move in whatever you wear, and you might get hot so having some light layers is a good option.

You don't need any fancy shoes, but we do recommend wearing a pair with soles that have a little slide in them - very 'grippy' shoes can make turning difficult and may put strain on your ankles and knees.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Absolutely not! If you have someone you'd like to bring, by all means, but the way we teach means you change partners often - this is really important for your learning and will ensure you learn how to lead and follow not just copy a routine.

What's a 'Leader' and 'Follower'?

Salsa is fundamentally a partner dance, where one person 'leads' the other. We like to think of it as the leader being the frame, deciding the structure of the movements, and the follower is the picture, interpreting the lead and adding their own spin to it.

Traditionally it is taught as men being leaders and women being followers, but at Salsajoy we recognise that gender is not that binary and that anyone can be any role they like.

Why are there 'leader' and 'follower' tickets for your classes and events?

This is just so we can prepare our classes as well as possible. Ideally we like to try and have a balanced number of leaders and followers, but we will make sure everyone has a great time, regardless.

What is Dancefloor Etiquette?

Dancefloors are one of our favourite places to be, but only if everyone is conscious of the space around them. We teach some of the basic skills you need to be safe on the floor and ensure that everyone is able to have the best time while dancing.