Meri, a white woman with long, straight, dark hair and Angela, a Black woman with long, straight, black hair look into the camera smiling broadly. The logo in the middle says Salsajoy

Social dancers for over a decade, Angela and Meri came together to bring conscious joy back to the salsa scene. We want to teach you to feel amazing while dancing, and to make your partner feel that too!

Our goal is to guarantee the best possible experience for everyone who comes through our doors:

  • Learning good dance technique and fundamentals
  • Exploring creative expression in dance
  • Appreciating the amazing music
  • Having fun and getting plenty of steps in
  • Connecting with other passionate people

We all know that salsa brings joy, so come join us and see what it's all about!


After discovering salsa by accident in my first week of university, I was immediately hooked! With over 10 years teaching and dancing, I love helping people to feel more confident in themselves through salsa.

Being mixed race, I didn't always feel like I fit in but the salsa community is so full of all sorts of incredible and interesting people! I loved it from the first moment I experienced it and I hope to pass that on. I've taught children as young as 8, learning to feel the rhythm and move their body to express how they're feeling, and I've taught 70-year-old dancers who just can't stop because they love it so much. It really is for everyone.

I believe in conscious partnership, being aware of your dance partner and helping to keep them safe on the floor so everyone can have the best time. You'll find me mostly being a massive goofball, because I think first and foremost salsa is about having fun!


Hola everyone!

I'm Angela and I’m completely in love with salsa! It's a part of my life that I truly enjoy, any spare moments of my days are spent dancing and listening to music. As a bonus, my dad was Cuban so I may be genetically predisposed to this art form.

So a little about my dance journey. 

Prior to salsa my passion for dance found me competing nationally as a disco dancer both solo and within a team.  

I have been fortunate and taught children within school as young as 6, African dance, teaching them the art of movement and rhythm and the joy and confidence it brings. 

I’ve been in the salsa scene for 15 years both as a dancer and teacher.

The beauty of salsa is that you can immerse yourself in the sound and feel so alive.   The ultimate joy for me is to ensure my partner has enjoyed our dance, so I aim for good technique and musicality which should equal a great dance connection.

I'm delighted to share my knowledge and style with our students at Salsajoy.